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Do Mozzies Bite Dogs?

Now I’m not trying to make you feel bad about leaving your ‘Fur Baby’ outside at night (I honestly didn’t want to use that phrase but. I did)

But the question often comes up time and time again about people worried about pets outside getting bitten to pieces by mozzies and midges at night.

You should have good reason to be worried or even feel a tad guilty when you are relaxing in the air-conditioning, whilst old Rover is likely getting eaten alive outside on your back step or as we see a lot, in their own kennels.

It is said that dogs will experience the same discomfort and itching sensation as a human would after a bite. This includes midges or as some refer to them as ‘Sandflies’.

We all know the damage and health implications that fleas and ticks can cause our barking best mates, but mosquitoes are just as dangerous, being transmitter of the deadly heartworm in dogs.

Now this disease is not too prevalent in Australia thanks to responsible pet owners worming their dogs relatively easily with medicated chews, however its always smart to be aware that mosquito bites are the only way that your pup can contract this disease.

Our advice – The usual

  • Tip out any standing water around the yard that might go stagnant.
  • If you cannot tip it out (pond, bird bath, ground water) find an environmentally sound Larvicide like NoMoz – Prolink Pellets.
  • If possible, keep air moving where your dog likes to hang out e.g., veranda and patio fans
  • Consider screening of your dog’s kennel door
  • Treat your yard regularly with a residual insecticide such as No Mosquitoes – Biting Midge and Mosquito Barrier.

Or you can just let him/her live inside like a human, but either way pets are mostly considered as another member of the family, and taking care of their wellbeing, as well as the other two legged mob without fur, takes our highest priority.