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Biting Midge

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Biting Midge (Sand Fly) are one of the most annoying and aggressive nuisance insects that call Queensland home. You shouldn’t have to share yours with them.

Midge bites can cause irritating, persistent itching and can sometimes develop into sores which become infected. The bite is unlike a mosquito bite, injecting an anticoagulant in their saliva which causes severe itching. This is due to the human body’s response to counteract the chemicals in the saliva.

Biting Midges and mosquitoes share a similar activity pattern, being more active at dusk and dawn and inactive in windy conditions. Biting midge harbour in similar areas as mosquitoes.

Biting midges in Australia are not known to transmit or carry any diseases that affect humans. However the nuisance of these biting insects can make life almost unbearable in some situations.