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What attracts Mosquitoes?

I feel like I get asked this question most days either directly or indirectly. (which is fine because that’s what we are here for)

However, we all want to know what attracts mozzies around us or into our yard so that we can potentially eliminate that attractant therefore eliminating the mosquitoes.

Well, if you have figured out how to stop breathing, sweating and radiating any body heat, whilst eating a sausage sanga and sipping on a cold one, you should be now free of mosquito bites….

If you cannot figure these skills out, then I’m sorry but you are attracting mosquitoes simply by breathing exhaling Co2, sweating – releasing scents into the air and radiating body heat, all of which mozzies are highly attracted to, as this tells them that you contain blood!

These above points a pretty much common  knowledge, however mozzies are attracted to a number of other objects and places around your home including the following.

  1. Foliage – Trees, bushes, shrubs, gardens, hedges, plants… whatever you’d like to call them, are probably the number one place that attracts mosquitoes. Why? Mozzies need shelter out of the wind and out of the sun to rest after a sucking the blood of an animal or human which seems logical; however it serves another purpose. Mosquitoes feed on the surfaces of leaves and organic matter for a source of carbohydrate for the mozzie to continue to live.
  2. Dark, cool and damp areas and pooled water – Under decks and houses with open subfloors seem to almost always have a congregation of mosquitoes hanging out- the reason is the consistent temperature, humidity and lack of direct sunlight are all attractive for mozzies to rest in these places, and usually close to where you are spending time outside of an evening, ready to pounce! (Mozzies need water to breed, but they are not always coming from your own yard, but do check the area for stagnant or potential water holding features and drain accordingly).
  3. Laundries and bathrooms – again another micro environment where humidity levels are often high, light is low and wind is not present, and usually all sorts of smells (ill leave that one to your imagination)
  4. Shoes, Boots, outdoor storage boxes and clothes on the clothes line – You may notice a bunch of mosquitoes fly up out of your favourite runners or work boots if you leave them outside – the reason being, the scent of your sweat is still present in the boot attracting mozzies who think there may be a blood meal available. This is also the case for some types of clothes and sheets on an under cover clothesline.
  5. Door and Window Screens – Another obvious one where most people see mosquitoes. If a glass window or door is open with just a fly screen protecting the indoors, there will be a large amount of Co2, sweat and generally human smells emitting from inside. When it gets dark, add to this light attractant, and you have just made a giant glowing mozzie attractor called your house.


There are many more we could list, however I think you get the idea from just those 5 to why you might be getting mosquitoes hang about, if you want a mozzie free yard, try our No Mosquitoes Biting Midge and Mosquito Barrier DIY treatment concentrate to treat all of those resting places listed above (excluding your clothes of course) and see what kind of difference it makes to the enjoyability of your outdoor spaces.



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